Trustee Services

We offer comprehensive assistance to clients WITH setting up and managing their trust company smoothly


Trust companies are vital in the management of assets for both individuals and organisations. They provide a wide range of services, including asset protection, estate planning, and tax optimisation. Clients can profit from Cyprus' favourable tax legislation and international reputation as a renowned financial hub by establishing a trust business here. Connor Corporate Services offers comprehensive assistance to clients with setting up and managing their Cyprus trust company smoothly. Whether you want to preserve your assets or simplify your financial planning, our team of experts can help you.

Our trust experts will be happy to discuss with you your particular circumstances and requirements and to provide you with more specific information on how an international trust in Cyprus could be of benefit to you, protecting your business and assets worldwide. Contact us now to discuss how you could take advantage of the many benefits that a Cyprus trust company has to offer.


  • for tax planning purposes 
  • for asset protection purposes 
  • for confidentiality 
  • for the protection of minors' rights 
  • The settlor must not be a resident of Cyprus 
  • Similarly, none of the beneficiaries may be a resident of Cyprus (except in the case of charitable institutions) 
  • The trust property must not include any immovable property in Cyprus 
  • At least one of the trustees should be a resident of Cyprus 

Our prices for a Cyprus International Trust start from €1500.00 plus VAT, where applicable.


Our consultants are standing by to discuss your needs.
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