Nominee services

WE offer comprehensive nominee services to HELP our clients TO maintain A CERTAIN DEGREE OF anonymity and TO protect their assets

In the past, individuals and companies seeking anonymity in their financial matters have been benefiting from the protection of anonymity offered by nominee services in Cyprus, which used to safeguard privacy to a large degree. However, recently, the system has become more transparent, with ultimate beneficial owners having to be declared to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies shortly after the incorporation of a Cyprus company (these records are not publicly available though).

To a certain degree however, our corporate and/or individual directors, shareholders or trustees can still act on behalf of our clients, offering an extra layer of security against legal claims and prying eyes. Our nominee services can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to preserve your personal assets or keep your business operations private. 

It is a legal requirement for a Cyprus International Business Company (IBC) to have at least 1 shareholder, 1 director, a secretary and registered office.


Every company should have at least one shareholder. Nowadays, all ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) have to be declared to the Registrar of Companies upon registration of the company. However, if the client wishes, then our own companies can be used to hold the shares on trust without the names of the beneficial owners being disclosed on the shareholders' certificate. 

We are able to provide nominee director services in some instances but since the legislation in this regard has been substantially tightened up recently, please note that we only provide our nominee director service if we know the client and his/her business very well. In such cases, we need to be informed of everything that is happening in the company at all times and this will have to be proven to us by us regularly being provided with documentation, including bank statements, agreements, etc.

We can also act as the secretary of the company on your behalf.

Registered office 
We can provide you with a registered office address.

The fees for our company to provide such nominee services will be payable on an annual basis, as follows:

  • Registered office            
    €300.00 per annum

  • Secretary
    €300.00 per annum

  • Nominee director 
    €650.00 per annum

  • Nominee shareholder
    €300.00 per annum

All prices are plus VAT, where applicable.


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