Main advantages of registering a company in Mauritius

Incorporating a company in Mauritius is a simple and very straightforward process. The options available are a GBC1 Company (a Resident Company) or a GBC2 (an Offshore Company. Please see below for the many of benefits of registering a GBC1 or GBC2 company in Mauritius.

GBC 1 Companies features & benefits:

GCB1 Companies are treated as being tax-resident and are liable to pay taxes on their earnings. However, due to this fact, they are also entitled to benefit from an extensive number of Mauritian Double Tax Treaties. A GBC1 may be a locally incorporated company or a branch of a foreign company. Business must be conducted in a foreign currency and this type of company cannot engage in business in Mauritius.

  • Requires a minimum of one Director who must be a natural person (we can provide nominee Directors).
  • A minimum of one Shareholder is required who can be of any nationality and need not be resident in Mauritius. Corporate Shareholders are permitted.
  • A resident Company Secretary is required (we can provide this).
  • Business can be conducted internationally.
  • GBC1 Companies benefit from various Mauritian Double Tax Treaties. One highly favourable tax treaty is the one between India and Mauritius so Mauritius is becoming a popular location for holding companies for those trading or investing in India.
  • GBC1 companies are able to take advantage of the unilateral foreign tax credit - 80% of the Mauritian Tax Rate, which leaves a residual liability of 20% of the Mauritian rate which equates to 3%. It is possible that this rate may be reduced even further sometime in the near future though.
  • No Capital Gains or withholding taxes levied.
  • No limit on the carrying forward of tax losses.
  • No Withholding Tax on dividends, interest, royalties and payment of redemption proceeds.
  • Entitled to underlying tax credits on dividends if the shareholding in an Investee Company is greater than 5%.
  • Interest received on deposits in Mauritian bank accounts are tax exempt.
  • Inheritance tax, gift and estate taxes are not applicable.
  • No stamp duties, registrar duties or levies.
  • A branch of a foreign company may also have access to the tax treaty network provided that the local authorities are satisfied that the effective management and control of the foreign branch is taking place in Mauritius.

GBC 2 Companies features & benefits:

GBC2 Companies are private entities that conduct business outside Mauritius - a GBC2 Company is not allowed to conduct business in Mauritius. A GBC2 may be a locally incorporated company or registered as a branch of a foreign company. Confidentiality is one of the main advantages of a GBC2 and the identity of the beneficial owner can remain largely confidential. A GBC2 is a good structure for holding and managing private assets.

  • High degree of privacy protection (through the use of nominee Directors and shareholders).
  • Mauritius company formation permits 100% foreign ownership meaning no local nominee is required.
  • Only one Director and one Shareholder required.
  • Legal tax exemption for GBC2 Companies but no access to the Mauritian Double Taxation Treaty allowed.
  • No accounting or reporting requirements which minimise maintenance costs.
  • GBC2 company enjoys limited liability without any paid up capital (there is no minimum capital required).
  • No Withholding Tax on dividends.
  • No Capital Gains Tax.
  • No Stamp Duty on the transfer of shares.
  • Free repatriation of earnings.
  • Migration from a foreign company to/from Mauritius is permitted.
  • Shareholders and Directors can meet anywhere.
  • Registered office and agent in Mauritius is required.
  • Conversion to GBC1 is permitted.


Mauritius company - prices





Incorporation and Provision of Registered Address & Agent In Mauritius


-       Preparation and filing of all necessary paperwork to register the company.

-       Provision of Registered Office and Agent in Mauritius.

-       Provision of Initial Subscriber, obtaining Certificate of Incorporation. The documents will include Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association Resolution for appointment of Director, allocation of shares, Share Certificate(s), Registration fee payable to the Registrar of Companies and FSC.

-       Compliance fee






Total Fee




Annual fee


-       Provision of Registered Agent and office

-       Registration fee Payable to the Registrar of Companies and FSC.

-       Compliance fee




Total Fee




Annual Fee : Provision of a nominee shareholder


Annual Fee : Provision of a nominee director


Authorised Signatory


Corporate Seal


Opening of Bank Account

On request



Delivery of documentation by courier (depends on destination).