Cyprus Company Formation Prices

Our aim is to provide a fast, efficient and highly confidential service and in order to build up a long-term relationship with our prospective clients and associates, we offer our company registration, corporate and fiduciary services at very competitive rates. 


Cyprus company

Prices  (€)
  Price includes:  
  - Government fees  
  - Preparation and filing of all necessary paperwork to register the company  
  - Provision of a registered office and secretary for the first year  
  - Certificate of incorporation (English)  
  - Certificate of directors and secretary (English)  
  - Certificate of registered office (English)  
  - Memorandum and Articles of Association (certified Greek version and English translation)  
  CORPORATE PACKAGE (as above)                                                                                                           1300
  SHELF COMPANY PACKAGE - Our shelf company package includes a nominee director, nominee shareholder, registered office and secretary for one year and trust deeds (where applicable).                                                                                                                              2500
  Secretary (per annum)                 300
  Registered office (per annum) 300
  Nominee shareholder (per annum)


  Nominee director (per annum) 500
  Annual fee payable to the Companies Registrar 350
  Apostilled set of company certificates (available immediately after registration) 180
  Apostilling of other documents (per document) 100
  Assistance with opening a bank account 500
  Power of attorney 150
  Certificate of good standing 150
  Certificate of incumbency 125
  Amendment of company documents (per document) 200
  Change of name 300
  Name check (first name check is included in the incorporation price) 50
  Tax residence certificate with apostille 250
  Courier (at cost)  
  Transfer-ins – the client only pays the actual cost of transferral to our office, ie. the cost price of the new certificates plus the annual fees for the nominee services used -----
  VAT registration 250
  VIES registration 100
  Tax registration 150
  Transfer of shares 600
  Mail forwarding (per annum) 200
  Change/removal of director 250
  Change of beneficial owner 600
  Change of management (exit fee) 500
  Company stamp 30
  Dormant company - up to 5 transactions (not including loan agreements)  
  Accounting 550
  Audit 750
  Up to 25 transactions (not including loan agreements)  
  Accounting 650
  Audit 850
  Up to 50 transactions (not including loan agreements)  
  Accounting 750
  Audit 1000
  Up to 100 transactions (not including loan agreements)  
  Accounting 950
  Audit 1300
  Up to 200 transactions (not including loan agreements)  
  Accounting 1250
  Audit  2000
  Up to 500 transactions  
  Accounting 2200
  Audit 3100
  Up to 1000 transactions  
  Accounting 3350
  Audit 3600
  Submission of VAT return 150
  Submission of VIES return 50

All of the above prices are exclusive of 19% VAT, which will be added to the price.