Seychelles offers attractive offshore formation opportunities through an International Business Company (IBC) to businesses seeking the benefits of a secure, confidential and tax-free environment. Seychelles has been offering clients offshore formation packages since the passing of the International Business Companies Act in 1994, and has grown rapidly in the sector due to its flexible structure, exceptional protection regulations and enabling legislation, making it among the best jurisdictions for offshore company formations. Seychelles is a flourishing offshore financial center; its formation market has become one of the fastest growing company registries in the world due to its efficacy, innovation and its broad range of offshore services. Investors and businesses are flocking to Seychelles, taking advantage of its low cost, strict confidentiality laws and flexible incorporation regulations making the formation process simple an deficient. If you are looking for a jurisdiction with firm privacy regulations and tax-free opportunities in a supportive offshore environment, Seychelles may be the perfect choice for your next offshore company formation. Low-cost offshore company formation in Seychelles and banking introduction are our key services. 


  • Value for money – low annual Government licence fee of US$100, irrespective of the amount of the authorised share capital of the company 
  • Fast incorporations and name approvals – same day incorporations 
  • Nil Seychelles taxation – on foreign income and also exempt from Seychelles withholding tax and stamp duty 
  • Privacy and asset protection – including no requirement to file details of shareholders, beneficial owners or directors at any Seychelles Government Registry 
  • Ease of administration – no requirement to file financial accounts in Seychelles 
  • Acceptability to international banks – Seychelles is not on the OECD or FATF blacklists 
  • Seychelles is a stable and independent Country – not being a dependent overseas territory of a European state, Seychelles is not subject to ever-growing EU Directives. 


  • No Minimum Number of Directors

    Corporate Directors are permissibleď‚·  
  • No Public filing of Directors Details 
  • No Public access to Director Details 
  • No Minimum Number of Shareholders 
  • Corporate shareholders are permissible 
  • No Public filing of shareholder details 
  • No Public access to shareholder details 
  • No Requirements to file annual Accounts 
  • No Audit requirement 
  • No Publicly accessible Accounts 
  • Requirement to furnish annual compliance return, (with the company's Registered Agent in Seychelles; no filing with the Registrar) 
  • Bearer shares are not permitted 
  • An IBC is required to keep such accounts and records as the directors consider necessary to reflect the financial position of the company. 
  • An IBC is required by law to have a Registered Agent in Seychelles (which must hold a current licence to provide international corporate services from the Seychelles' Financial Services Authority). All documents relating to the IBC must be filed with the Registry by its Registered Agent. 
  • An IBC is required by law to have a Registered Office in Seychelles 
  • Appointment of a Company Secretary is optional 

An IBC cannot carry on business in Seychelles (limited statutory exceptions include maintaining records and a bank account in Seychelles, holding company meetings, and engaging local advisors, etc). An IBC is prohibited from carrying on the business of banking, insurance or reinsurance, and cannot provide registered office facilities in Seychelles for other companies. An IBC cannot own Seychelles real estate.  

Documents provided upon IBC formation:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Resolution of Subscriber to appoint first director
  • Apostilled set of documents listed above
  • Acceptance letter
  • Resolution to adopt address of documents keeping
  • Resolution to adopt Registered Agent and Registered Address
  • Resolution to issue shares
  • Register of Directors and Officers
  • Register of Members
  • Share certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Trading (for ready-made companies only)

Documents provided for professional director service:

  • Professional service agreement  
  • Resolution to issue Power of Attorney
  • General Power of Attorney under apostille

Documents provided for professional shareholder service:

  • Declaration of Trust
  • Professional Service agreement
  • Stock transfer Form (Blank)

Seychelles company

Prices   (€EUR)



Formation of a Seychelles company


Price includes:


- Preparation and filing of all necessary paperwork to register the company


- Provision of Registered Office and Agent in the Seychelles


- Notarial services


- The documents will include the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Resolution for appointment of Director, allocation of shares, Share Certificate(s)


- Registration fee payable to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA)






Annual fees:


-  Provision of Registered Agent and office facilities in Seychelles


-  Registration fee Payable to the Registrar of International Business Companies 






Nominee director service (per annum)


Nominee shareholder service (per annum)


Notarising and apostilling - per set of documents


Extract of document from Registrar of Companies


Certificate of good standing